One Year of Service (Arhan Ozturan)

PFC Bedekovich said:

PFC Ozturan, a name people in CP2 already know too well. A formidable force, when determined, both on and off the field. With the amount of work the good PFC does, it is hard to believe he has only been with us for a year now.

Whether his duties as a platoon clerk or his stellar attendance, the PFC shows peak performance and consistency. When either Sgt. Kal or I even think of a location that needs some high explosive, there is already an explosion. Oz has justified his nickname by becoming a wizard of grenades.

I am proud to present PFC Ozturan his 2nd Army of Occupation Medal for 1 year of service and his Grenadier Marksman badge. Congratulations and to many more.


Congratulations PFC!
Good to have you with us!