One Year of Service (Connor S. Mattox)

Cpl. J. Lee said:

Now having been a part of the unit for one year, PFC C. Mattox has undoubtedly grown into his own person. With his stoic, nonchalant attitude and personality mixed among the squad’s many eccentric individuals, PFC C. Mattox serves as one of the squad’s everymen. His constant, open-minded acceptance of feedback has helped him develop himself as one of DP2S1’s integral riflemen. Regrettably oftentimes unrecognized, PFC C. Mattox boasts one of the squad’s highest attendances. Congratulations on achieving one whole year in the unit, PFC C. Mattox! I hope to see you continue to grow!


double mattox trouble

Great job bud!

Trouble you say?

perhaps the better Mattox


Congrats Connor on one year, you are one of our best!