One Year of Service (David J. Simonson)

Cpl. Guyette said:

I first met PFC Simonson when he joined what is now known as FP1S1 and I was just a meager ASL. He definitely wasn’t shy and was really eager to learn all there was to do with the 29th. He then used that energy, picked up the GL and became obsessed with figuring out all the inner workings of it and used it to during the scrim to help FP2S3 push up towards the compound. PFC Simonson’s next craze has been getting into SLT and making some really interesting drills for our squad and using some spicy tactics while leading. In just a year this guy has done quite a bit and I am excited to see where he’ll be at when he gets that rainbow. Congrats on your Second AoCC PFC Simonson!