One Year of Service (Ethan X. Linkinhoker)

Cpl. Winston said:

PFC Linkinhoker has come a long way from his beginnings in the 29th. Initially, PFC Link transferred into DP2S1 as a rather quiet but capable private. But over time, PFC Link opened up more and more and showed an increasing willingness to engage, communicate, and participate with his fellow squad mates. Because of this change, PFC Link has grown greatly as a player and teammate, making him into a continuously reliable and dependable member of the squad. Furthermore, PFC Link’s continuously positive attitude has proven to be a constant morale boost for any who might interact with him. To conclude, PFC Link’s continuous growth and positive attitude have been a constant throughout his tenure with the squad and show no sign of stopping. So congrats PFC Link on one year of service, and we hope that you stay with us for much longer!


Congrats Link, keep up the hard work!

Congrats Link, DP2S1 is proud to have you!