One Year of Service (Jackson Booker)

Cpl. Knife said:

In the 29th we exaggerate time to allow for fun, this lets us experience a full tour of duty while deployed to our fictional universes. We do not exaggerate everything though; in fact, we hold a few measurements in strict obedience with our current realities. PFC Booker has been in the unit for one solid year and with this, he has joined a very special club, PFC Booker is now an old Dog. To be old in our unit is to have stood before the men and see typical FNGs getting themselves killed. As a soldier with one year, you are now a part of the unit in ways that Pvts. can only aspire to be.


Ahahaha I just saw this. Crazy how fast time flies, can’t believe I’m an old dog already!

Congratulations! Just one of many to come!