One Year of Service (Jonathan O. Bukey)

T/5 Kon said:

I was pretty surprised to find out that this was only Cpl. Bukey’s second AoCC with him recently acquiring the position of Squad Leader. A quick glance at his personnel profile will tell you why as it is filled with initiative and ambition. Four months into his time with us so far, which is when most PFC’s are still trying to pick what AIT they want Bukey was starting SLT. By his first AoCC he was already a SLT candidate and enlistment clerk for the unit. After passing SLT it only took Bukey 3 months to become a SL which some might of thought was too quick, but rest assured Bukey has proven himself determined and worthy enough of the position in his short time with us in the unit. I look forward to seeing where Bukey and I can take S1 in its future. Congrats Bukey!

Congrats on one year Cpl., you’re hard work is appreciated by everyone!