One Year of Service (Julio P. Barazal)

Cpl. Hanley said:

Seeing PFC Barazal be eligible for his second AOCC is shocking… shocking, because PFC Barazal has been an integral part of his squad, his platoon, and his company for about as long as I can remember. PFC Barazal has some of the highest dedication to the unit that is possible of a 29th member, going above and beyond in all aspects of his duty. Throughout my tenure in DP3S3 I have seen PFC Barazal pick up his first machine gun, and now he is one of the best in the unit. PFC Barazal is helpful to the various leadership he interacts with, acting as an SLT or ASL like squad member, always helping new privates learn the ropes, despite never having an obligation to do so. PFC Barazal also has acted like a translator, a recruiter, and many other accomplishments that would take too long to list. It is so hard to believe that PFC Barazal has such a distinguished record and reputation given his brief time served, and there is no doubt from anyone that PFC Barazal will continue to go above and beyond in everything he does for many more years to come.

Parabens, PFC Barazal!

Congrats on one year PFC!