One Year of Service (Kieran J. France)

PFC Gates said:

PFC France is the trusty GL of S1, always ready and willing for anything. I know I can trust him to get the job done if I tell him to do something, and I get surprised when I see the time he’s spent with the unit. I’ve always thought about how he feels as if he’d spent several years in the unit and perfected his craft, but in reality, he’s been with the unit for a year now making his feats that much more impressive. Congratulations on your second AoCC, I hope to see many more of these!


Congrats PFC! You are a great guy to have around the squad. Hope you stick around for many more friend!!!

Congrats France! Hope to see many more!

Congratulations PFC! Keep it up!

Congrats PFC!

Congrats PFC