One Year of Service (Leon Buckner)

Cpl. Hapers said:

PFC Buckner a name many in EP1 will recognize if they think about vehicles in the 29th. The man has been crewing for about half a year now and still manages to find the tiniest rock to get stuck on, that aside however, he has been a crucial member for S2 for the past year orso and with that I would like to congratulate him with his… wait for it… wait for it: his 2nd AOCC, congratulations PFC and lets get up to a third!

Great work Bucky Boy, it’s great having you around. I met you in a tank, you stay in a tank, maybe you’ll even die in a tank. Ever forward.

Mein gott, Panzerführer Buckner hast einer Jahre Dienstzeit? Congratulations, PFC Buckner, I definately thought you’d been here a lot longer!