One Year of Service (Luka N. Lazarevic)

Sgt. Devseli said:

PFC Lazarevic is the type of person that lifts the general mood up. Ever since his first weeks. He always had funny moments with the squad. If i say meat-shield i am pretty sure him and most of S3 members will remember what i mean and remember what happened. He had and still has some few misfortuned moments like that however this does not mean he is a bad player. On the contrary he is someone i can rely on the field. Give him a task and just watch. He is going to give it his best and get it done. He is certainly a person that i am glad is in our unit. He has been with us for 1 year. Which is not much but it was an eventful year and i am certainly looking forward to the next one. Congratulations PFC Lazarevic on your 2nd AOCC. I am hope to see you get more of these. Congratulations gent !


It’s also been a year since you joined too?!?! Time flies I swear. It’s great having you around PFC Laza, congratulations, hope to see you for many more!

What a great gent to PUB with, congratulations on one year here PFC Laz!

congrats :slight_smile:

Congratulations Lazarevic!