One Year of Service (Luke Grissom)

Cpl. Steinbarth said:

T/5 Grissom our one and only GL, from the Queens’ Island has somehow managed to get himself an award for which I have to write a quote, when they told me he would be getting an award I was in shock. What could this Brit have done to warrant positive recognition ? It can’t be his humor, his jokes are terribly unfunny even by German standards, it can neither be his attendance as he missed the last couple squad drills, is it his kindness towards the rest of the squad? No; that can’t be right either. It must be an AOCC, his second one as a matter of fact, he managed to stick with us for an entire year. Congrats for that T/5 Grissom - maybe someday you will be a real Corporal.

Happy one year T/5! Onto the Rainbow next!

Ever forward!

So glad to have you in the unit, T/5 Grissom! Salute