One Year of Service (Mark A. Esquivel)

Sgt. Hanley said:

PFC Esquivel has been a great member of DP3S3, and by extension, the rest of his platoon and company. PFC Esquivel has been fully transformed from a new private to a crucial member of DP3S3, and has spent enough time in the 29th ID to truly sharpen his skill on the battlefield. PFC Esquivel’s consistent dedication to himself and others is evident by his record and passion, and he can be counted on for almost any situation. PFC Esquivel has been such an integral part of the 29th ID it is hard to imagine that this is only his second AOCC award. Congratulations PFC Esquivel, and everyone’s wishes that you continues on what you are doing, because it is flawless, and continue contributing for as long as time permits you to.


Happy one year with the unit PFC! Here’s to many more!