One Year of Service (Martin Kopáč)

Cpl. Meerts said:

This man has been a never ending stream of pleasant surprises to me. Over the last year, I have seen PFC Kopáč go from a promising private, to an excellent combat engineer, to carrying the responsibility of DP1’s BCT. When an enlistment liaison was needed, and PFC Kopáč stepped up to the task, I was happily surprised to see him take on not just the role of ADI, but within a few months, become the drill instructor himself! And yet, I wasn’t really surprised, because even now I still have no doubt that this man still has plenty in store for us. Being a solid part of the great atmosphere of his squad, a combat engineer that rocks his whole platoon, and a valuable member of Lighthouse Corps, PFC Kopáč has set great milestones in his career so far, and it’s only fitting we celebrate another milestone of his. Congratulations on one year in the unit, PFC!

Congratulations PFC Kopáč !

Congratulations PFC Kopáč!