One Year of Service (Matthew A. Patterson)

Cpl. Wallison said:

It’s a near impossible task to find anyone with the drive of PFC Patterson. In the time since he achieved his first AOCC to now, Patterson has become an incredible pilot, a superb rifle marksman, and an SLT candidate. When leading a team with daunting odds, he can take the reins and never backs down till he comes out on top. After each lesson or drill, he sticks around and asks what more he can do and what can be done better. Taking every answer with patience and an open mind. I can say after watching Patterson since the beginning, the man is never satisfied with how things are now. Always ready for the next challenge thrown at him. With all this progress the sky’s the limit. Patterson, you will make a fine ASL someday soon and with time a great squad leader to a very lucky squad. Congratulations on your 2nd AOCC. The 29th can only hope such a fine up and comer sticks around for many more years.