One Year of Service (Michael A. Heath)

Cpl. Voth said:

I’ve had the privilege of serving with Pvt. Heath as his ASL in DP3S3 and now as his squad leader in DP3S2. Pvt. Heath has picked up a number of tricks and tips in his year in the 29th, which he readily imparts to his comrades. Never afraid to speak his mind, I can also rely on him to let us know what he’s thinking and provide a dissenting opinion if he believes the squad isn’t being utilized to its full potential. Not only this, but Pvt. Heath has proven to be one of the finest members of the 29th behind a stick; his flying skills safely ferry his team mates into hot zones and provides the necessary air superiority to win the day. I’m happy to see you reach this milestone and can’t wait to see you get your rainbow.