One Year of Service (Nico E. Burns)

T/5 Kon said:

Ever since transferring to our squad Burns has made a name for himself. He is really well skilled on the battlefield as often we will catch him wondering off and killing a squad by himself. Outside of drills is where he really stands out though. In the 1 year he has been with us he has recruited 17 people. He is also extremely active on the Teamspeak, as you can almost always find him available to talk to. Burns is just as active in game as well, frequently guesting and participating in pub scrims. We are extremely glad to have him in our squad and I can’t wait to see where his strong aspirations take him in the future. Congratulations on 1 year Burns!

Congratulations Burns! Damn, 17 people?! You’re a boss.

Good work Burns. It’s been a long time since 4S1.