One Year of Service (Nikolai Ivanovich)

Sgt. Hanley said:

PFC Ivanovich has been a well-known member of the 29th ID for quite some time. Having previously discharged, and summarily placed on DP3S3’s “Hall of Fame” comprised of notable previous members. Unlike many of those who can’t rejoin the 29th, PFC Ivanovich reenlisted to much fanfare around Dog Company. Making a home in DP1 due to schedule conflicts, PFC Ivanovich was still making impressions across the company from afar. Finally returning to his rightful home of DP3S3, PFC Ivanovich has been nothing but pleasant, friendly, funny, and a great boost to morale. Everyone has been excited to see such a beloved familiar face rejoin DP3, and such a good player at that. PFC Ivanovich’s reputation will only increase from this point forward, provided he stays in the unit and continues to increase his skills both on and off the battlefield, which everyone knows he will. Congratulations PFC Ivanovich on your second AOCC, and good luck on your journey to many more!

Congratulations PFC Ivanovich, it was nice having you around in DP1S3!