One Year of Service (Patriot Berisha)

Sgt. Leliveld said:

PFC Berisha has been with us for a whole year now, which is kind of weird because he’s one of those guys where I both can’t believe its been a year but I also feel like he’s been here longer. This is mostly because his entry into the unit was memorable and he has such a big personality that it’s hard to imagine EP2S3 without him. He jumped onto CE quickly and has been proving himself as a danger to vehicles since then. He’s hit some pretty crazy shots and has sent our squad many videos of him blowing up helicopters. Recently he hit a transport quickly after the start of a platoon drill and got 11 in 1 shot. He’s been a good aid in boosting morale mid round and making sure our guys don’t falter after taking losses and staying on track. He’s been a great addition and I’m happy to say we’re now celebrating his 1 year milestone! Congrats on your second AoCC!