One Year of Service (Robert L. Frank)

Sgt. Zylath said:

What nonsense is this? Have the time elves been messing with the universal clocks again? Did company HQ forget to turn on daylight savings and now we are speeding fervently towards oblivion? How in the HELL has it only been one year that PFC Frank has been here?!? I genuinely cannot conceive of a DP3S1 without Frank, so it’s shocking for me to learn that he is just now halfway to his rainbow. I remember when he first joined, all meek and reluctant to speak up. He’s a different man. The last six months have been absolutely stunning to see. Frank has nearly earned himself a rifle sharpshooter badge for his recent growth. I’m not quite sure when the first time DP3S1 was sat stunned, watching Frank single-handedly eliminate an entire enemy squad, but it’s been a pretty regular occurrence over the last couple months. Never a man of many words, you know something good is going down when Frank goes quiet. Your only clue is typically a very curt, very blunt, “I’m going for it,” followed by 5 shots and a full kill feed. I wanna see you get that badge and so many more Frank. Keep busting out there and let’s meet up in a year for that rainbow.