One Year of Service (Rosen D. Dimitrov)

Cpl. Steinbarth said:

When I heard that PFC Dimitrov, better known as BigDim69, was already with us for an entire year, I was shocked. This little 12-year-old talks so much that I thought he was already here from the beginning. And I could go on about how good of a marksman he is, how great his callouts are and how almost spotless his attendance is. And that is the thing. This young Russian spy is annoyingly good at everything you throw at him. Which wouldn’t be a problem for me since I am his leadership, but as it so happens he also is a very diligent worker in many staff position leading to him being promoted to be my boss in two of those. So with that, I congratulate BigBossBigDim69 for not getting deported back to Russia for two whole years and to all of us for bearing with him.

I am actually shocked he’s only been here for one year, it feels like two. Bananas, hope you stick around or better yet, come to Ireland to see your WO1

Congrats to you, my favorite 12 year old BigBossBigDim69.

Good to have you here Dimi! Up to many more!

So glad to have you around, brother. Hope to see each other in the 29th ID for much longer than “just” a year. It’s been a blast for sure.

Here’s to many more my friend!

Congrats to all Bulgarian kids! WHOORAH

Congrats BigDim, keep quickscoping the competition