One Year of Service (Sam R. Harrington)

Cpl. Martin said:

It is awesome to write this, knowing that PFC Harrington has just joined S1 and already he is making a big impact. He is the type of soldier that you can see really becoming something special in the next year. He is an asset who will charge into the fray of battle without hesitation while at the same time supporting his team to the end. He is a guy who is great for morale and the squad has really welcomed him back warmly. He has recently been very keen in our drills and I am lucky to have him, I have seen from a far his growth in the 29th and he has gone from strength to strength having needed to take time to adjust and get used to a new leadership and getting back to basics. I am excited to see what he is going to do and feel he has the potential to take on some newer and tougher challenges ahead. Therefore, I am proud to award him his 2nd AOCC! Congratulations PFC welcome to the squad! You have a very bright future ahead and I cannot wait to be apart of that!

Congrats PFC Harry and welcome to DP1!

Congratulations PFC Harrington!