Promotion and Badge (Leon Buckner)

Cpl Steinbarth said:

Since I first played with him, in S2, I of course first met him in BCT; Pvt. Buckner has been a diligent, concentrated, and very valuable squad member. He has been showing constant good attendance and is one of the few that I do not have to force to join battalion drills but who attends them voluntarily. As such, it is a surprise that I wish that I did not have to type out this promotion quote yet. The reason why I wish he would stay a private for a bit longer is that apparently, since his first day in the unit, he was sure which AIT he wanted to pick. He was convinced that he wanted to become my worst arch nemesis, a “crewman.” With that being said, I herby reluctantly congratulate PFC Buckner on his promotion.



Know Ye, that reposing special trust and
confidence in the fidelity and abilities of

Leon Buckner       EP1S2      296538055

I do promote him to Private, First Class in the


to rank as such from the 27th day of October 2021.

You are charged to discharge carefully and diligently the duties of the grade to which promoted and to uphold the traditions and standards of the Army.

Effective with this promotion you are charged to execute diligently your special skills with a high degree of technical proficiency and to maintain standards of performance, moral courage and dedication to the Army which will serve as outstanding examples to your fellow soldiers. You are charged to observe and follow the orders and directions given by superiors acting according to the law, articles and rules governing the discipline of the Army. Your unfailing trust in superiors and loyalty to your peers will significantly contribute to the readiness and honor of the United States Army.

Sgt. Van Dongen

Congrats PFC Bucky, well deserved!

Congratulations PFC Buckner!

My little private has grown old. Congratulations PFC Buckner!