Promotion (Norbert K. Falenty)

2Lt. Stray said:

The success of a platoon does not come directly from those that hold the title of Platoon HQ but those that are the sometimes hidden forces that strive for a higher quality of life and environment for those around them. These kinds of people are the true strength and force of a platoon, for they embody what the objective of platoon leadership is; to create and maintain a strong, mature and professional community that holds itself to a high standard. Cpl. Falenty is one of those people, for he has helped propel second platoon into new heights by never shying from a challenge, nor fearing the difficulties that comes with leadership but rather seeking them so that he can defeat and learn from them. There is a certain rank for those NCOs in the platoon that are a staple, that life in the platoon would not be the same without them, and it is about time that Cpl. Falenty is recognised as such. It is my great honour to see Cpl. Falenty promoted to the rank of Sergeant, wear the patch with pride for you have earned it many times over. Congratulations Sergeant.



Know Ye, that reposing special trust and
confidence in the fidelity and abilities of

Norbert K. Falenty         060054975      CP2S2

I do promote him to Sergeant in the


to rank as such from the 6th day of June 2021.

You are charged to discharge carefully and diligently the duties of the grade to which promoted and to uphold the traditions and standards of the Army.

Effective with this promotion you are charged to execute diligently your special skills with a high degree of technical proficiency and to maintain standards of performance, moral courage, and dedication to the Army which will serve as outstanding examples to your fellow soldiers. You are charged to observe and follow the orders and directions given by superiors acting according to the law, articles and rules governing the discipline of the Army. Your unfailing trust in superiors and loyalty to your peers will significantly contribute to the readiness and honor of the United States Army.

1Lt. Nelson

Congratulations Sergeant Falenty!
Keep up the great work! Thank you for your time and dedication to CP2!

Good looks Sarge, congratulations on the promotion.

Congrats Sgt!

Congratulations Sgt. Moustache!

Very well damn earned!
Congratulations, Sgt.
You & your legendary moustache will make us all proud.

I’ve forgotten to respond to this, but congratulations Sgt.! You and VG have made S2 into the great squad that it is today and I’m really grateful for all the dedication you guys put into the squad and the unit! You’re an inspiration to the squad and it’s thanks to guys like you that I still enjoy the 29th after all these years and stick around. I hope to see you stick around for a lot more years to come :slight_smile:

Enjoy that third stripe, Sgt. You earned it!