Seven Years and Six Months of Service (Logan B. Albers)

Sgt. Garrett said:

T/4 Albers, whoa, it’s time for another award? I swear, this guy could have the record for badges per year, even considering the amount of time he’s been in the unit. To say he’s been doing well is an understatement, and his consistency is unmatched. At this point, there’s nothing that could convince me he’s not a machine. He always shows up early to drills exactly 8 minutes and 32 seconds early, which is 512 seconds, a power of two. I’m sure if you made your TS avatar an QR code he couldn’t tell the difference. Joking aside, T/4 Albers is what any squad member should strive to be, and more. Not only does he show up, he plays to win. Just don’t ask him to play a round with zero players or we’ll all be doomed. For his impressive runtime, I’m proud to see my fellow mach-, I mean, 29ther, receive his 15th AOCC. Congrats, T/4! Keep up the excellent work, you’ve definitely earned your CPU time.