Seven Years of Service (Claude H. Garrett)

Cpl. Formosa said:

7 Years is a lifetime for a computer, but we all know this one right here constantly gets the new upgrade to keep his code sharp and his fans dusted. This ol’ boy worked his GPU as hard as he could to run the amazing squad as efficient and as oiled as a machine can be. Filling the squad with the amazing default giggle.wav file after every sentence and the default cool.wav file that is hard-coded as his response to most things that are said. All in all, if the computers take over, we are all blessed that this one is hopefully one of the good ones and will keep us alive so he can keep running squad to dump some memory so he can just relax and not be stuck in a loop. Here’s to an amazing 7 years Sgt. Garrett. Can’t wait to see you hit your next AOCC my amazing robot friend!