Seven Years of Service (Dainius Valiūnas)

Cpl. Chyorny said:

T/5 Valiūnas has been a person that has seen much over these and he still wishes to be around us somehow. He may not say much but he keeps doing his job properly and be a good squad mate so i can’t really ask for more so without further ado congratulations for your 14th AoCC T/5 Valiūnas.


Congratulations T/5 !

The new broom sweeps clean but the old brush knows all the corners! 344TP still going strong, Congratulations T/5! Glad you are with us!


Congratulations T/5 ! Glad to have you in my squad :wink:

Congratulations T/5 Valiūnas. You are becoming old!

Quite the years T/5! Congratulations!

Congrats, T/5!