Seven Years of Service (Kennet R. Pedersen)

Cpl. Winston said:

T/5 Pedersen has grown in the past year, and not just in rank! In part, this is because of his talent with a scoped and unscoped rifle, which allows him to effectively leverage a rifle in any situation. However, T/5 Pedersen has really grown outside of drills in his increased participation as a guest and with the squad. This has been a huge help in both keeping up the morale of the squad as well as with assisting other squads in preparing for their matches. And it was because of his continued dedication to improvement as well as his general excellence in the sniper role that Pedersen finally achieved a T/5 promotion. So congrats T/5 Pedersen on reaching 7 years in the 29th, I’m glad to have you in DP2S1, and here’s to your 14th AOCC!

Congrats T/5 Pedersen!

Congratulations, T/5.

Congratulations T/5! 7 years is one heck of an achievement