Six Months of Service (Alexander Quartz)

Cpl. Maestas said:

Well, PFC Quartz. Where to start? PFC Quartz has always been the quiet one ever since he got into the squad but he’s started to branch out and become what some call a core member of a squad. He has taken on his AIT being the Combat Engineer and has been one of the most consistent members with his attendance. PFC Quartz here has proven his dedication to being a member of the 29th by his attendance and performance! This being said PFC Quartz has reached an important milestone and that is his six months in the unit! Congratulations PFC Quartz for your first AoCC! Hope to see you here for your second!


Glad to have you around. Keep up the great work.

Speak Brazilian Portuguese to me

Only 6 months? Who spelled 1 year wrong?
Anyways, congratulations!

Quartz has big mooscles