Six Months of Service (Alexander R. Nuttall)

Cpl. Hanley said:

Pvt. Nuttall has been a key member of DP3S3 for six months now, and his level of improvement and dedication to the unit are clearly evident by this point. Pvt. Nuttall has developed to be a fine member of his squad, platoon, and Dog Company as a whole, and has been nothing but a pleasure to work with throughout his current tenure at the 29th ID. Pvt. Nuttall has had two different squad leaders since joining, and that dual training shows whenever he is on the battlefield. Pvt. Nuttall is expected to stay in the unit and continue to improve and do great things in the future, both on- and off the battlefield. Congratulations Pvt. Nuttall, and here’s to many more!

Congratulations, let’s see more!

Nice first milestone Pvt., congrats!