Six Months of Service (Andrii Lav)

Cpl. Martin said:

When you get a Private who is so keen to learn, it provides the perfect environment to create an effective and deadly war fighter. Pvt. Lav is just that! He is a good learner and is always willing to take on hard challenges. As a result of this, his skill level has improved immensely! He has more than proven himself on many occasions since joining S1. He is a member of the squad who had been able to fit in with our structure. His communication skills have improved greatly which have helped him to develop his game play more and more. But despite being away for a long period of time, in the last few weeks of coming back he has literally been able to pick up where he left off. In one of the last DBotS matches it was he and another PFC who were able to win the match for us thanks to taking on the valuable and tough lessons over the past year. This is a reflection of his great discipline and control. Therefore, I am pleased to award Pvt. Lav with his 1st AoCC. Congratulations Pvt. Lav it is a joy to have you back and I cannot wait to see what you will do next!

Congratulations on your first milestone Pvt. Lav!

Congratulations Pvt. Lav!