Six Months of Service (Brian J. Russell)

Sgt. Garrett said:

PFC Russell has come a long way in the six months he’s been with the squad. He started off pretty shy if I’m honest, and I wasn’t sure if he’d warm up to the intense squad culture that FP1S3 has. However, it all changed when he became a PFC and finally got his hands on a rocket launcher. Once he got his first taste of that sweet sweet oil that leaks out of his targets, he’s been addicted ever since. In fact, he goes as far as to invite crewmen to our drills just to have more targets. I’ve seen him mercilessly finish off vehicles while crewmen desperately tried to repair their precious metal box, or coordinate fire with other CEs to instantly turn vehicles into molten metal coffins. Poor guys never knew what hit them… Anyways, I am just glad PFC Russell is on our side. I’m happy to see PFC Russell get his 1st AOCC to celebrate his first six months of not blowing me up. Congrats, PFC! Keep up the good work!