Six Months of Service (Dakota C. Vilzom)

Cpl. Officer said:

It’s about time I give this guy his first AoCC because it feels like ages since I have first met PFC Vilzom. He was a small and insignificant private when he was first dropped off at the doorstep of FP2S1 by his friend. However I misjudged drastically, and this private rose to dominance. He has single handle became a killing machine over his time in the squad. It wasn’t a surprise to see him pick up the Crewman AIT after being promoted to PFC and become a killing machine in a metal box. He has really taken the initiative on his AIT and has been striving to be the best crewman he can be and hopefully we will see him get that badge. With all of this said, PFC Vilzom congratulations on reaching your first 6 months in the unit! I hope to see you get that next one!