Six Months of Service (Ivo M. Gao)

Cpl. Tilley said:

PFC Gao filled a hole in the squad when we lost some of our old, core members. Since joining DP2S2, PFC Gao has maintained a positive attitude and never fails to show exemplary dedication and good sportsmanship. I consider PFC Gao to be a vital member of DP2S2, as the morale boost he provides by even being present is invaluable to the attitude and success of the squad. Although his attendance record is not the best, he maintains adequate numbers, I have never questioned his dedication, and I will never blame an otherwise excellent member for sometimes having real-life obligations. Congratulations on six months with the 29th and DP2S2, PFC Gao!


Awesome Gao, good man

I know I’m a little bit late to this, I was already confused on the old forums and this change didn’t quite help haha but I insist on commenting anyway.
Thanks for the kind words Cpl.Tilley and for all the patience you show for me and every new recruit, and thanks to everybody on DP2S2 and the 29th for welcoming me so well, I can’t believe it’s been six months, even tho I was uneasy at first I was so warmly welcomed and had so much fun that I sincerely I feel like the 29th is my home and family intend to stay as long as real life makes it possible.