Six Months of Service (Jack M. Page)

Cpl. McArdle said:

The last time I wrote about PFC Page is when I put a corny joke about his name in a promotion. Ever since getting that promotion, PFC Page has continued to be a stand-up member within the squad and in the platoon. Right after getting to the rank of PFC, he decided to pick up the crewman AIT while still maintaining his great rifle skills. He has put in countless hours into making sure that he is up to date on his vehicle knowledge which he applies in drills. In his time being here he has also decided to go into lighthouse serving as an assistant drill instructor. We have reached another significant page of PFC Page’s never-ending book in which he has been in the unit for six months. Congratulations PFC Page on getting your first AoCC and I’m excited to see what page we will be on once he reaches a year!