Six Months of Service (Jacob M. Murray)

Cpl. Voth said:

In his short time with the 29th, Cpl. J. Murray has seen a meteoric rise; promoted to PFC, immediately slotted into an ASL role with DP3S2, completed his SLT doctrine, and obtained his second chevron. All these accomplishments within his first six months of service. Cpl. J. Murray is first and foremost diligent, chomping at the bit to tackle one problem and then the next. He’s someone I’ve been able to rely on from the start, when life and work get busy for me, I rest easy knowing that anytime I can’t make a drill or be there for the squad, Cpl. J. Murray is there and ready to pick up the slack. In addition to his phenomenal work ethic, he is also a cool headed leader in combat. When shit hits the fan and things are looking south, Murray is more than capable of thinking outside of the box and utilizing the resources he has on hand to change the tide. I am proud to have him in DP3S2 as my ASL and to congratulate him on his first AOCC. Congratulations, Cpl. J. Murray, I look forward to you earning several more!

Congratulations Cpl. J. Murray!

Corporal and ASL within 6 months? A truly astounding feat. Congratulations Cpl. Murray!