Six Months of Service (James Bale)

Sgt. Bukey said:

PFC Bale hasn’t been around for too long, but he has the feeling of somebody with a lot of experience. This is likely due to the fact that he was in a different unit before. Bale was in leadership and worked hard to hone his skills and become a realism veteran. PFC Bale joined the 29th looking for a new challenge, and he’s grabbed it by the horns. Bale has been awesome for EP3S1 since he showed up, and he’s learned fast. His quick growth with the AR and drive to become the best impresses me, and I know he’ll go far here if he wants to. I believe PFC Bale joined the 28th because he wanted to be part of the best, and he’s doing his part to make that a reality. Congratulations, Bale!