Six Months of Service (John P. Wolfe)

Cpl. Meerts said:

Our resident American, PFC Wolfe is one of those people in the unit that came to my attention right away. He has been a lovely presence in the squad, being a strong participant in the great jokes, stories and atmosphere of DP1S4. Similarly, he has stood by the squad on the battlefield as well, communicating outstandingly, not hesitating to take charge when needed and putting his rifle to good use. After a bit of a rocky start, PFC Wolfe’s attendance and dedication to the squad has been absolutely on point, (when the US military doesn’t steal him away from us, that is!) performing excellently throughout DBotS despite his relative freshness to the unit when it started. And his tendency to attend drills of all three platoon’s squads has not gone unnoticed either. With all these good things to say, it feels strange that it’s only been 6 months. But I’m sure this first AOCC will be one of many to come! Congratulations, PFC!

Good to have you with PFC Wolfe, please stop shooting me, ty

Congratulations PFC Wolfe!