Six Months of Service (Logan Prégent)

Sgt. Leliveld said:

Wow PFC Prégent has accomplished quite a lot in his short tenure in the unit. We instantly noticed him off the bat from the sheer volume of his guesting efforts and how active he was in drills. He has recently picked up the crewmen AIT and has been able to learn each role and has no problems stepping up to command the armor. This is probably helped by the fact he has also joined SLT, and as we all know an SLT candidate with the crewmen AIT is a great prospect. He’s able to instantly apply the knowledge he learns from SLT straight into the commander seat. I’m truly impressed with how much effort PFC Prégent puts into the unit and I hope it never fades. Congrats on your first AoCC PFC Prégent, here’s to many more!


Congrats Pregent! Keep up the good work!

Great having you around P, congratulations!

I can’t believe this is only your first AoCC P! I hope to make more memories with you :slight_smile: