Six Months of Service (Markus F. Holtz)

Cpl. J. Murray said:

When tasked with writing this, I found myself often conflicted about what I wanted to say. Not that he hasn’t given me plenty to talk about, but to condense the scope and nuance of what this man brings to the table in such a small format seems somewhat unbefitting. That being said, PFC Holtz joined on with us roughly two months after I did, and to see his growth as not only a Combat Engineer but as a 29th member has been a welcome sight to say the least. Since joining the squad Holtz has always been happy to bolster the squad with his enthusiasm and motivation and it’s very much appreciated. He may be more verbose than most, but we love him all the same. Here’s to the first of many Holtz, cheers bud!


Congratulations PFC! Here’s to many more!