Six Months of Service (Mikail Yilmaz)

PFC Steinbarth said:

I first met PFC Yilmaz in BCT, I saw that he was like me from Germany so I tried to get into his car during the driving exercise on day one, I assumed coming from the country that invented the car would be a good drive, well I was wrong, but we had fun. After BCT PFC Yilmaz got assigned to the best squad in the platoon, S4. He soon became one of the boys, playing games with us outside of drills. He especially started fighting very good alongside PFC Dimitrov, watching both of them banter but still play very good always was a joy for Squad leadership. Yilmaz also made himself a name as a competent CE, but that’s not what he is getting an award for today, it also isn’t a driver’s licence because he drives worse than Sgt. Wright.
No today we award him for sticking with us for 6 months, we are very lucky to have him with us and we hope he continues staying with us.


Ah yes, my brother in crime. Someone must have spelt 1 year wrong, right? Might be just me, who knows. Congratulations PFC Yilmaz.

my favo 30 year old