Six Months of Service (Nour Aboalfa)

Cpl. Steinbarth said:

PFC Aboalfa was send to our great squad in April, after we had lost too many good men in the creation of the new platoon, he soon proved himself to be among the most diligent men in the unit, by being involved and supporting his leadership as much as possible, He also made himself known as the best shot in the platoon, no matter if he gets the scope or is limited to ironsights you can be sure that he will get lots of kills in any round. But all this comes at an high price, we all have to suffer through, Aboalfas terrible jokes ( I will not mention whom he adresses as “Daddy” ), and while these jokes are no doubt among the worst we have ever heard, it is still worth it to put up with them to gain such a great soldier as PFC Aboalfa. So lets congratulate him for sticking with us for 6 month and lets hope for many more to come.


Congratulations PFC! PS: Hit me with some of those jokes next time on TS. I will add them to my collection :).

what do you call a cute door? adorable @Jergul

Only six months? Feels like this Dutch man has been annoying me for at least a decade.

Just kidding, you know I love you Abo :).