Six Months of Service (Orion R. Fairchild)

Cpl. Burlock said:
After coming to the squad as the new ASL, Fairchild was a problem child for Cpl. Wright and Sgt. Leliveld. Since then, Fairchild has become a remarkable PFC and has set his sights high aiming for the prestigious Marksman. His efforts as a rifleman, his leadership when tried in combat and dedication to the squad has been remarkable. He is a motivating individual, always asking for tips and improvements on his kit and always cheers up the squad with his personality. He doesn’t go unnoticed; he guests frequently and has made a name for himself with many other members. I want to wish the PFC the best for his goals in the 29th and to say that myself and Sgt. Leliveld are absolutely thrilled that you are a member of EP2S3. Congratulations on 6 months and to all that you have and are accomplishing.