Six Months of Service (Rafail G. Skleros)

Cpl. Officer said:

PFC Skleros has a much longer history with the 29th ID, the real one, so while a six month AoCC here pales in comparison of Skelereo’s real life achievements he still deserves recognition for being around for half a year. Skleros is a wonderful squad mate, he’s got an aged wisdom, both cynical and witty, that is unmatched by anyone here. His reputation extends beyond FP2S1, as he’s got a son in the unit, and you can often catch them guesting drills together. Having PFC Skleros in the squad has been a pleasure, between his expert army experience, his general life wisdom, or his clever dark humor, the whole package that is Skleros brings a unique depth to the squad. While FP2S1 feels blessed by PFC Skleros’s presence, I do hope that this the first of many awards for him here so that more people will get the chance to be blessed by this phenomenal individual. Congratulations on the first AoCC, looking forward to the next one!


Truly a relic to the unit