Six Months of Service (Richard T. Vu)

Cpl. Tilley said:

PFC R. Vu has only been with us for six months, but he’s slid right into a groove and meshes perfectly with his squadmates. Everyone in the squad finds comfort near PFC R. Vu under fire because they know when you’re close to him, you’re pretty safe. When there are bullets flying all around and we’re low in some muddy trench, I find comfort when I turn next to me and see PFC R. Vu. In his six months of service, he has already distinguished himself as one of the finest shots in Second Platoon. Congratulations on your first AOCC PFC R. Vu, that jacket finally isn’t so bare!


Well done PFC!

Great having you around, man!

Super glad you’re with us Vu, Chúc mừng!