Six Months of Service (Viktor K. Ivanov)

PFC Fletcher said:

PFC Ivanov has grown and shown so much improvement through 6 months, his marksmanship, positioning and communication skills have significantly improved since he joined EP4S1. Ivanov performs very well as an AR he has learnt all the fundamentals to a high standard and has started to become quite formidable on the battlefield. He is a keen learner and continues to pick up newly found skills everyday, changing and adapting to different situations, but all the while looking after the squad, making sure they have always got an angel above whenever they are crossing the most dangerous terrain, and being aggressive to prevent enemy from gaining fire superiority when needed.
He can sometimes be quiet, but quickly lightens up to new people. Quickly making new friends and gaining people’s trust, as well as my own. It will be interesting to see him grow and develop and which paths he will take. Whatever you do, I’ll be there to laugh and tell you to “just get good”. Well done on 6 months and here’s to the next 6 months, cheers!

He’s the one who got good. Congratulations on your first AoCC, hope to see you for many more brother!

Congratulations Ivanov! hope to see you through the next 6 months!