Six Months of Service (William M. Robinson)

Cpl. McArdle said:

Has it really been six months with this guy? It feels like I have known this guy for ages and that has to mean something. PFC Robinson is the prime example of what a perfect rifleman is to be performance and behavior-wise. He always shows up to drills and he guests a ton, which might be the reason why his time here feels longer than it has. Each drill he goes to, involves him constantly destroying with his rifle skills causing him to usually get multiple kills. In fact, he even recruited his friend to the unit who is just as deadly. If you haven’t had a conversation with this man, you are missing out. He is a bundle of joy who will talk about his passion for music which just fills the heart with warmth. He also might play some music for you if you get lucky. With all this being said, I’m glad to award PFC Robinson with his first-ever AoCC! Congratulations on getting to six months, I hope to see you reach a year!