Six Years and Six Months of Service (Dan Vos)

LEADER said:

Sgt. Vos has been with the 29th for 6 years, 6 months, and as of tomorrow, 6 days. And just in case it wasn’t apparent enough, to top it all off it’s his 13th AOCC. Just thinking about all of this is… discomforting to say the least. Now this may be a bad omen to some, but for Sgt. Vos there are no bad omens - something to do with living on the side of the mountain with Bigfoot parading around his house - yeah I don’t know either.

HOWEVER, every day is just another opportunity to do his favorite things; play Arma and eat pie. So thanks Sarge for doing your favorite things with us for so long, I am glad to have you around despite the… unfortunate… timing of the awarding of this AOCC. Ever forward Sgt. Vos! Okay, bye!

Papa George the devil.
Can’t wait until you become Grandpa George.

Number of the beast \m/!!!