Six Years and Six Months of Service (Kennet R. Pedersen)

Cpl. Winston said:

As our most senior squad member and the platoon sniper, many people look up to both PFC Pedersen’s longevity in the unit as well as his skill with a rifle. In practically every round, PFC Pedersen manages to rack up several kills which always provides a great benefit towards the team as well as to the outcome of the round. Also, his status as such a veteran member of the 29th has distinguished himself from his peers as a beacon of knowledge and dedication towards the unit. Overall, PFC Pedersen is an excellent member of the squad and DP2S1 is always more than happy to have him with us, so congrats PFC Pedersen on an impressive 6 years and 6 months, and here’s to many more years!


Congrats Pedersen!

Congratulations PFC Pedersen!

Nice run, my favorite Norwegian