Six Years and Six Months of Service (Sebastian E. Lundén)

Cpl. Cassano said:

In the ancient, biblical times, even Moses was once young. And when he was young, he had a classmate who sat right next to him. His name was Sebastian Lunden. This particular man, Cpl. Lunden, has outlived his deskmate, moved to Sweden, joined the 29th Infantry Division and is now the squad leader of EP4S2, a position he is holding with 6 and a half years time in service. Hopefully, Cpl. Lunden will stick around with us to reach 13 year mark and lead our squad, like his deskmate led the Israelites, to the promised victory!

Good to have you around old man, Ta grop!

Another 6 months in the career of my favorite old man, to many more, brother!