Six Years of Service (Kennet R. Pedersen)

Cpl. Winston said:

Few members in Dog Company can boast as long of a tenure in the unit as PFC Pedersen. First and foremost, his position as the senior sniper in the platoon establishes PFC Pedersen above the rest as well as an essential member in the squad and platoon as a whole. In every situation that suits his AIT, PFC Pedersen is more than able to leverage his sniper rifle against the enemy. Furthermore, PFC Pedersen contributes to the unit through guesting, and can often be seen in another squad’s Teamspeak to help out his fellow 29thers. To conclude, PFC Pedersen is remarkable not only for his skills as a sniper as well as his tenure and willingness to participate. So congrats, PFC Pedersen, on six years of service, and here’s to many more!


Congratulations PFC Pedersen. You are becoming old!

Nice job on sticking with it PFC Pederson!

True Veteran of the unit